Scholarship and Award

Scholarship And Awards

Chartered Accountancy Scholarship

Chartered Accountancy Scholarship is an award of access to a financial aid awarded to talented and underprivileged students, desire of pursuing the Chartered Accountancy Education, who would otherwise choose their career in other fields of study due to their poor financial condition. Scholarships are awarded from "Chartered Accountancy Scholarship Fund" established by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) based on a range of criteria which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship support, the principal component of financial aid, is base on two factors: Need and Merit.

The need based scholarship is financial aid for which the student and family's financial situation is a primary factor in determining the recipient. Given the increasingly competition and the limited amount of scholarship aid, students with the strongest academic records and conscientiousness will generally prioritized.

Merit based scholarship are awarded to those students with the combination of an extraordinary academic record and significant extracurricular achievement.

The number of students for scholarship is determined on the based of amount collected on scholarship fund. 50% of total quotas are reserved for Poor and Scholars and remaining 50% to other applicants. Students who have applied for Poor and Scholar scholarship are required to submit relevant documents proof.

Types of Scholarship

Following types of Scholarship shall be awarded to the students.

  • Full Scholarship, which includes complete waiving of application fee, registration fee & examination fee payable to the Institute.
  • Partial Scholarship includes the waiving of 50% Registration fee payable to the Institution.

Apart from the above, the following facilities will be provided to the students who have received the scholarship, out of the scholarship fund amount.


  • Study Materials
  • Other materials published by the Institutes
  • Participated in the Crash Course conducted by the Institute

Who can apply for scholarship?

Students who have met the following qualification may apply for scholarship when the Institute invites application from students publishing notice in the National daily Newspaper.

  • Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - I Level: Those students who have secured 50% or more in PCL or 10+2 exam may apply for scholarship.
  • Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - II Level: Those students who have secured 50% or more in Bachelor or Master Level Examination or Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - I / Foundation Level Examination can apply for scholarship.
  • Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - III Level: Those who have passed Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - II / Intermediate Level.

Ineligibility for Scholarship:

The following students shall not be eligible for scholarship.

  1. One Year before the completion of imprisonment ordered or penalized for convicted by the court in a criminal offense involving moral turpitude,
  2. A non-Nepalese citizen.
  3. One who has crossed the age of Forty - five years to the last date of registration.
  4. One who is convicted for non-complying the ethics regarding scholarship.
  5. One who has not met the acquired academic qualifications.
  6. One who has got the scholarship previously by the Institute for the same level.

Cancellation of Scholarship:

Scholarship provided to the students shall be cancelled in the following conditions:

  1. One who has regularly failed Eligibility test for two attempts.
  2. One who fails to attend consecutive two eligibility test without a satisfactory reason after the date of scholarship provided.
  3. Student who has joined to other Chartered Accountancy Board for Chartered Accountancy course are subjected to cancellation of scholarship.
  4. If any written notice of adopting unfair means in examination is provided by Examination Committee the student is subjected to cancellation of scholarship.
  5. If involvement in any activities against the Institution is proved.
  6. If submission of any misstatement to Institute is proved.

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship fund contains

  • Amount allocated by the Council of the Institute
  • Amount received from the Government of Nepal for Scholarship
  • Foreign grant for Scholarship
  • Amount received for Scholarship from the Members and Staff of the Institute
  • Amount received for Scholarship from Individuals, Institutions, and Companies etc.
  • Revenue earned from investment of scholarship fund
  • Other amounts received for the scholarship purpose

Request to Contribute in the Scholarship Fund

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) warmly welcome to all Members, Non-members and Corporate Entities who are willing to contribute in the scholarship fund or finance to the needy and scholar students.

The scholarship fund can be established by an Individual or an Organization / Entity in their name by depositing the following specified sum.

  • To establish a scholarship fund in the name of individual, a sum of Rs. 300,000 shall be deposited at lump sum or on installment basis within the period of three years from the date of initial contribution.
  • To establish a scholarship fund in the name of Entity, a sum of Rs. 5400,000 shall be deposited at lump sum.
  • If any Individual or Corporate Entity instead of contributing the amount in the scholarship fund wishes to finance to the individual student selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee, then they can do so by depositing the required amount in the Scholarship Fund to finance the individual student.

Medals and Awards

ICAN has also been awarding medals and certificates to the merit holder students securing highest marks in different levels of CA Education.The following are the awards awarded by the ICAN to the merit holder students.





KB Chitracar Gold Medal

Standing Rank First in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination


Shiva Man Singh and Chandra Bhandari Silver Medal

Standing Rank Second in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination


BK Agrawal Gold Medal

Standing Rank First in CAP-II (Intermediate Level) Examination


Narayan Bajaj Silver  Medal

Standing Rank Second in CAP-II (Intermediate Level)  Examination


Prakash Jung Thapa Gold Medal

Securing Highest marks in  Advanced Financial Reporting (Advanced Accounting)  in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination


Dr. Govind Ram Agrawal Gold Medal

Securing Highest marks in  Strategic Management and Decision Making Analysis in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination


Narendra Vashishtha Gold Medal

Securing Highest marks in   Advanced Audit and Assurance in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination


Subhash Kumar Jhunjhunwala Gold Medal

Standing Rank First in CAP-I (Foundation Level) Examination


Nawal Kishor Dukhani Yadav Gold Medal

Securing Highest marks in   Advanced Cost and Management Accounting in CAP-III (Final Level) Examination